Monday, February 13, 2006

After a really long time...

Haven't blogged in a while-in fact, its been exactly seven and a half months since my last post. Not that there wasn't anything to write about; as long as the robots don't take over, there won't be any dearth of things to write about.

It has been a general case of,what in Bangla is referred to as ,lyad. Meaning lethargy. Of the worst kind.

In the intervening months, I have relocated to Kolkata from Bombay, changed my job and now travel to Malaysia frequently as part of my new, but equally sad, job.

I can't tell you about my new job in great detail. Not because i'm on Her Majesty's Secret Service. But because I myself haven't figured out what I exactly i'm doing or why i'm doing it. There'll be a long post once I find the answer to either of the questions.

All that I do know is that when I'm in India, I do not need to go to office everyday. I have a fancy laptop and a VPN connection, which is a serious sounding acronym which basically empowers you to do the shit you do in office from the comfort of your home. Or your bathroom, if you insist.

Which means that i'm flooded with free time. I spend it reading(books), watching(cinema/serials), listening (music) and yapping (in addas). I could have also used it to write (blogs). But I haven't.

Anyway, blogging resumes. For the few who read my blog, that should be good news.

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Anonymous vague said...

ah. welcome back

8:58 AM  

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